5 Home Remedies to Unclog Your Home Kitchen Sink

Finding out that your kitchen sink is clogged can be one of your worst nightmares. In fact, the truth is that no matter how much maintenance and precaution you undertake, your kitchen sink is doomed to get clogged. A clogged kitchen sink can be a source of various health problems and therefore must be unclogged right away.

Given below are some tips to help you unclog your kitchen drain with the help of easily available cleansing items.

1. Hot Water – If your sink is clogged with grease, try to pour piping hot water down the drain. Grease can be easily dealt with hot water. When the hot water will try to make its way through the pipe, it will break the grease clogs. Moreover, it will wash the grease along with it and take it down to the main drain.

2. Vinegar & Baking Soda – A concoction of 1/3 cup baking soda and 1/3 cup vinegar can also be used to clear drains clogged with grease. Pour the baking soda in the drain followed by vinegar. Soon enough, both the components will start mixing and break almost all the stubborn clogs that are present on their way. However, remember to plug the drain with a cloth or drain plug immediately once you’ve poured them. This will help to prevent the foams from escaping. Allow this solution to do its work for at least 30 minutes and then pour hot water in the drain which will clear any residual clogs or foam present in the drain.

3. Plunger – If hot water and the above mentioned solution didn’t do much good to your drain, you can also make use of a plunger. The solution must have loosened up the big greasy particles. They can be then cleared further with the help of a plunger. Apply some petroleum jelly on the plunger’s rim and fill water in the sink. Now plunge repeatedly to clear the greasy particles from all sides of the drain.

4. Chemical Drain Cleaner – Chemical cleaners can be an extremely quick and efficient method for unclogging the drains. Chemical cleaners aren’t really advised by professional plumbers, but if you are planning to use them, then try to follow certain guidelines. Always put your safety gloves on and do not use a plunger along with a chemical cleaner since the caustic chemical can backsplash on your hand. Strict yourself to the instructions that are given on the cleaning agent.

5. Plumber’s Snake – It is the most tried and tested way to clear the clogged drain. A plumber’s snake consists of a coiled wire that remains attached to the crank at one end. This wire is then inserted, and pulled out quickly, in the clogged drain either manually or with the help of a small motor.

Apart from the above mentioned tips, try to clean your sink regularly. Do not dump any food item, fibrous material or bones in the sink since they can clog the drain. If these tips don’t do any good to your kitchen sink, then it’s high time that you seek professional help.

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