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5 Holiday Plumbing Disasters That Can Put You In Big Trouble!

Holiday is the time to get together with your family members as well as relatives. In order to prevent yourself from indulging in major plumbing expenses, it’s essential to go with annual plumbing maintenance. By doing so, you will get secure your property from the plumbing issues like mold, clogs, and mildew.

Below are the few plumbing disasters that should be handled on time:

  1. Clogged Drains

    When relatives visit you, they are completely unaware of the trash cans and in hurry throw all the wastes in the drains. Such actions make the problem worsen which need to be handled on time. It’s essential to check all the household sinks and remove food scraps from the sink.

  2. Clogged Toilets

    With the increased traffic of house guests, one is more likely to face with a clogged toilet. To avoid unnecessary clogs, adopt a habit to keep trash cans near the toilets and also remind your guests not to flush napkins or toilet paper. You must also keep the plunger with you to handle minor clogs.

  3. Frozen Pipes

    A frigid temperature during the winter can put the plumbing at high risk of getting freezes, especially under the sinks. If you want to prevent the pipes from getting burst, add insulation to exposed indoor pipes in those unheated areas.

  4. Insufficient Shower

    With a large amount of guest arrival, your water heater may not able to supply hot water to everyone. Before indulging in any kind of plumbing risk, it’s better to use tankless water heater or take a break after every use.

  5. Protect Garbage Disposer

    One must pay extra attention to what is going down the pipes and also suggest your guests to avoid throwing things like starches, and stringy veggies.

In order to prevent avoidable plumbing problems this holiday season, you can hire our skilled plumbing technicians at Santos Plumbing Service.