5 Basic Plumbing Tips Every Homeowner Must Know to Save Repair Costs

Knowledge of basic plumbing skills is utmost important to save a lot of money and prevent some serious water damages. Though, there are various plumbing services available to provide you professional assistance but, having knowledge of these basic plumbing tips can help you deal with sudden plumbing problems:

  1. Turning off the water in the house: A burst pipe or any other similar issue can damage the foundation of your house. In such situation, you need to turn off the water supply as soon as possible to prevent extensive damage. Make sure you know the location of water shut-off valve and practice turning it off. In many homes, the valves are generally located in the garage. Turning off the water supply is the very first step everyone should take to prevent water leakage.
  2. Fixing a leaky faucet: Many leaky faucets can be fixed by simply replacing the washer. Homeowners can get a washer from their local hardware store. With the help of a wrench, tight the faucet at the base. If that doesn’t work replace the washer present inside the faucet. Sometimes, replacement doesn’t work, and you may require installing a new faucet. Most new faucets come with installation kits that will help you replace the faucet yourself.
  3. Stop a running toilet: A running toilet is the outcome of the flapper inside. Sometimes it fails to close or seal properly, which leads to a constant flow of water. First, turn off the shut-off valve to stop the water supply. Check the chain if it is broken or need some adjustment. If you don’t find any fault with the chain, check the arm holding it. You many need to replace the flapper and arm, which is easy and inexpensive.
  4. Unclogging a blocked toilet: In case your toilet gets plugged, use a plunger to prevent the issue. You need to be meticulous while using a plunger particularly when the water level inside the toilet has gone down. After plunging, flush the toilet carefully. Repeat the process a few times to clear the toilet completely.
  5. Clearing a slow or stopped drain: There are various drain cleaning products that can clear the slow-running drains or clogged drains. If there is no stagnant water in the sink, you can try some home remedies: pour some baking soda, vinegar and hot water down the drain. You may need to prevent the clogs such as hair. You need to be extra careful, if a garbage disposal is involved. Turn off the disposal and use tongs to reach the clog. In some cases the disposal may need to be replaced.

These simple plumbing tips can help homeowners avoid serious plumbing problems and water damages. It is advised to familiarize yourself with the basic parts and functioning of your toilet and faucet. It will help you deal with some common plumbing problems.

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