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4 Tips To Avoid Clogs In Your Kitchen Sink

A kitchen with a clogged drain is the most common plumbing issue that slowly builds up in the pipes and turns into severe blockage. The main reason behind the clog is the throwing of unwanted waste materials into the sink. The elements like grease or coffee grounds build a blockage along the pipe’s walls. Most of the clogs get fix by its own but some require proper attention to have a smooth flow of water in the pipes. For the instant solution, one can make use of common household objects to unclog the kitchen blockages. If still the problem does not get resolved, then one can take help from a professional plumber.

Here are four tips that will help you to manage with your kitchen’s clogs:

  • Avoid Draining Food Items

    It is necessary to avoid draining food items like coffee grounds, grease and small chunks of vegetables into a kitchen sink. If you want to have clog-free kitchen drain, then throw your unwanted materials into the garbage. Moreover, if you are going with serious blockage with your kitchen sink, you can consult with the expert plumber near by you.

  • Collect Waste From Stainer

    The strainer of your kitchen helps in eliminating the large items from washing down the pipe or cause any blockage. It is necessary to clean and remove waste from the strainer on the regular basis to maintain its functionality.

  • Regular Cleaning

    One must do an activity of regular cleaning of the kitchen sink. One can also go with the use of natural products like baking soda and flush it down the drain with the boiling water. This will help in the removal of unwanted waste from the drain pipes.

  • Use Cold Water

    While washing your utensils, always make use of cold water rather than hot. Hot water is responsible for melting the food items like grease which get situated on the pipes and blocks them. To get resolve the major blockage issue, go with the technician support for the proper treatment.

Clogged drains are the worst nightmare for a homeowner which can happen anytime. If you are dealing with any kind of drainage issue, then instead of using some harmful chemicals you can call a professional technician. To have a proper drainage maintenance, you can choose our technicians at Santos Plumbing Service.