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4 Dangers An Overflowed Sink Can Cause To Your Home

Sink overflow is the most common plumbing problem faced by every homeowner. This situation usually arises due to the clogs that occur within the drainage system and makes the water to float at the lip of sink. An overflowing sink is one of the major problem that offers water damages to your property if not treated on time. For the effective job done, you need a professional plumbing repair services who can easily find all the hidden damages and turns the home back to proper smoothing condition.

Here are the few hidden dangers that a overflowed kitchen sink can cause to your property:

  1. Mold Growth

    A possible danger that a overflowed sink can cause is the growth of mold in a home. A mold growth can cause severe respiratory issues in human and make them sick living all the time.

  2. Major Leaks

    It is just another danger that an overflowing sink can cause to a home. It not only makes the kitchen ceilings to leak but also give growth to a number of germs and bacteria in your kitchen.

  3. Weakens Floor Joists

    An overflow sink can also weaken the integrity of the floor joists as once the water gets under the floor coverage, can become a big subfloor problem.

  4. Safety Hazards

    A sink overflow can cause the floors to turn slippery very quickly and anyone stepping on it may fall or get injured. It usually happens when a person is unaware of an overflow condition.

A home with a overflowed sink only offers you the hidden dangers. It’s necessary to check the mold periodically and repair those on the instant basis. If you are going with any sign of overflow sink in your home, then you can call our professional technicians at Santos plumbing Service.