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Hydro Jetting

4 Benefits of Hydro Jetting Your Drains

Overflowing drains and clogs is a common problem experienced by homeowners. The general reason behind this issue is unwanted buildups that restrict the flow of water inside a sewer. If a plumber isn’t able to move or remove the clog, you’ll need some extra powerful approach to drain cleaning.

This is when hydro jets can help. They are used to clean out the pipe blockages by utilizing a blast of high water pressure, thereby eliminating even the hardest of debris.

  1. Clean & unclog the pipe

    The elements that generally result in a drain clog are grease, fats, detergent, scum, hair and other non-decomposable deposits. Though a rotating snake can remove minor clogs, it isn’t effective enough to clean away the hardest ones. By involving hydro jet cleaning, one can not only remove the clogs but can also clean the entire diameter of a drain pipe and sewer.

  2. Accurate & consistent cleaning

    One of major advantage provided by hydro jetting is that it can effectively clean the underground drain pipes, without needing to dig them. When the high water pressure is led inside the sewer system, it spins to and fro from multiple angles that leads to spinning of sand. In this way, the drain pipes are cleaned with accuracy and consistency.

  3. Efficient residual removal

    Hydro jet cleaning is considered the most reliable and result oriented drain cleaning method that has the ability to remove the hardest obstructions. Since some pipes are small while other are large, a plumber needs to set the exact water pressure that doesn’t cause any harm to the underground pipes or sewer.

  4. Removes bacteria

    The drain pipes are quite dirty and are home to millions of bacteria and microbes. A powerful stream of water not only removes the grease, soap, scum and debris build up, but also plays a vital role in removing bacterial growth down the drain. This helps in preventing wide range of health, hygiene and bad smell issues, thereby leaving your drain pipes clean and fresh.

By cleaning your residential drains with a hydro jet, a homeowner can prevent number of drainage issues. If you want to own normal flowing sewers, opt for hydro jetting method from our drain cleaning professionals at Santos Water.