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Sink Cleaning

3 Useful Ways To Clean The Sink Trap

With your own negligence, your sink trap easily becomes a victim of unwanted hair, soap residue, food particles and oil. These few elements occur a clog in drainage system which further leads to severe water damages. In order to clean your sink trap and keep it away from clogs, a use of few tools and little practice with a help of technician can deliver you a reliable results.

You can follow below step-by-step instructions to remove the clogs from the sink trap:

  1. Make Use Of Plunger

    Firstly, you have to remove the sink stopper and pull out the rod. After that, you have to pour boiled water into the drain and move the plunger up and down to clear the clog.

  2. Make Use of Baking Soda

    Baking soda is a useful element to clear the clogs of your sink. You just have to mix the baking soda with vinegar and pour it down the drain. This option is helpful in removing all the dirt from the sink trap. If still, the problem does not resolve, you must prefer to hire a professional technician to resolve the problem.

  3. Clean Sink Trap

    Locate the sink trap which is located between the tail and waste pipe. Further, open the nuts of the sink trap which you do either with the wrench or manually. Remove the sink trap and rinse it in or out with the help of brush an remove all the dirt. After performing the whole process, place the sink trap back to its position.

Although these few tips help you in cleaning the dirty sink trap, you must consider a professional plumbing technician help for long-term results. If you want to enjoy quality drain cleaning services, you can choose our skilled plumbing technicians at Santos Plumbing Service.