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3 Important Things About Backwater Valve

Water is one of the destructive forces on the earth that can damage anything. Imagine, the heavy rain water can badly affect the sewer of your home. At one point, you have to think over the different techniques to keep your home safe from unexpected water attack.

Backwater valves are one of best methods that help to prevent your home from getting affected by the flood. Installed backwater valve in your home basement is the ideal way in the term of budget and convenience.

  • How Backwater Valve Protects
    The backwater valve is installed in the basement under the floor of your home. The valve contains a disc that stops the sewer pipe to open and deliver water in your home through the drainage system. This helps to keep away the sewer water, even if the water level rises.
  • How To Maintain Backwater Valve
    The backwater valve is durable and sturdy require annual inspection or maintenance. You can also check it after the heavy rain, while for maintenance you can use the following tips:
  • Make sure to wear the gloves when open and check it
  • Flush the valve with pressure water to remove the debris.
  • If there is grease on the valve then scrub it.
  • Finally, close it tightly.

How To Install The Backwater Valve?

The most important and interesting thing about the backwater valve is, once it has been installed properly, you don’t need to repair it again and again. This is the reason why one is recommended to consult a professional plumber for the perfect installation of a backwater valve rather than doing yourself.

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